Smoothie Chef Doll & Playset

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  • Rolling Wheels
  • To-Go Cups & Thermos
  • Ages 3 & Up

Create Tasty Fruit Delights with Smoothie Chef & Playset

Help make some tasty drinks and run her business with the Smoothie Chef Doll & Cart. The smoothie playset will bring her imagination to life. The rolling wheels and spinning blender will make her games feel even more real than ever before. Little future entrepreneurs will love owning their own pretend business and selling refreshing drinks to all their other dolls, action figures and stuffed animals. Give her a doll that will expand her imagination in new and fun ways with this Smoothie Chef.

  • Whip up some deliciously fruity drinks with the Smoothie Chef & Playset
  • Juice bar cart rolls & blender spins for realistic playtime
  • To-go cups & thermoses can be really held in doll's hands
  • Doll is ready to mix it up wearing a t-shirt with smoothie graphic, blue shorts and white sneakers