Deluxe Twin Doll Pram/Stroller Purple and Black with Free Carriage Bag

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Adjustable handle up to 27''H 19''W24''L. Seats are fully adjustable for sitting or laying position *No Dolls Included**Handle can be moved so the dolls can face your child or face the street*Zip up the twin seats to give it a pram look or zip it off the give it a twin stroller look*Easy fold, body is fully assembled all you need is to put the wheels on (Less then 1 min)*Seat belt in each seat, Basket in bottom, Made of top quality, Safety tested for led free
A 1 of kind DELUXE twin doll pram/stroller,The possibility's are only limited by your imagination, make it a pram/ stroller sitting position or laying position, Wheel it when the dolls are facing you or the out side world, a free carriage bag is incl. and your princess will get lots of attention while strolling her dolls. *No Dolls Included*